four pockets green, weld/indigo

use these use these lavender pockets
to keep clothes fresh and free from moths
under your pillow
in your pocket / bag

  • managing waste product
  • made from the remains of all the linen products
  • the lavender is a wonderful local product from 'marlborough lavender'

'once I was a field of blue flowers'

linen, the fabric of the past, present and future

the flax plant takes around 100 days from planting to maturity

when the blue flowers bloom for only one day

a spectacle that people celebrate and enjoy

unlike cotton, the entire plant is used including

the roots, which are as deep as the plant is tall

12cm x 11 cm approximately, slight variations

sustainable processes
naturally dyed from plants in lud valley, new zealand
all materials are compostable as no plastic or toxic chemicals were used

zero waste
the waste from every fabric used is given a second chance to be artwork or accessory
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