Forest light shade

Where ever this portable light is placed it will create a beautiful atmosphere and transform the environment around you.

The esquisite hand made paper has been stained with plants using the hot compost or emersion dyeing process.

This paper artwork is very lightweight and easy to hang anywhere up using the included LED lights.

It can easily be folded for transport and reshaped back into its original form.

Living in New Zealand I refer to this as 'earthquake art' because it will not hurt you if it falls on you!



Approximately 15cm in diameter

Each one is unique and slightly vary in size.


Plant Dyed

Chemical free process using bio-regional sourced plants creating beautiful prints and colours directly from nature.


Carefully Packed

A beautiful parcel arrives at your door .

- wrapped in nature -


All our products will be delivered in a natural and organic bag - all other used packing material are sustainable and renewable.


Sustainable Processes

Hand made and naturally dyed from plants in Lud Valley, New Zealand.

All materials are compostable as no plastic or toxic chemicals were used.


Waste Management

The waste from every fabric used is given a second chance to be artwork or accessory


Locally Made

All products are dyed with bio regional plants and hand made by me in Nelson, New Zealand.


Only Once Items

Natural processes create unique products never to be repeated,

but I can replicate the style and colours to make another one.

The items are a bit like us, each the same but infinitely different and all beautiful.

Contact me if something is sold out and I will be happy to find a compatible solution.

Forest Light Shade


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    unique items

    natural processes create unique products never to be repeated 

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