Papercast Vintage Dress

A papercast smocked baby dress that has been dipped in indigo to give a fading impression of wear and tear evoking memories of the part it played in a life.


mounted on linen papers with wisteria flowers


Papercasting is a process of making the paper in situ over the object.

When all the excess water, that has suspended the fibres, is extracted the intricate detail of the object is revealed.

This papercast is from a vintage smocked dress from my childhood. I have dipped dipped in indigo to give a fading impression of wear and tear evoking memories of the part it played in a life.

The backround paper is layered with winfalls of wisteria flowers.




Handmade Linen Paper

The paper is made from the linen remains of fabric from making products.

The linen is transformed back to individual fibres creating a pulp through the 'critter' machine.

The 'critter is an innovative version of the original hollander beater created and made by Mark Lander in New Zealand.


Plant Dyed

Chemical free process using bio-regional sourced plants creating beautiful prints and colours directly from nature.




W 52cm x L 47

wisteria paper

74cm x90cm



Linen - a vegan option -

Linen is renowned for its superior properties and is again coming to the forefront for its natural health benefits and general well being as well as its ecological and long lasting qualities.

Our skin is permeable and can absorb the harmful chemicals from synthetic dyes, this is a good reason to be kind to yourself and wear natural colours dyed with plants .

I source linen from Merchant and Mills laundered European linen traders in New Zealand. This linen is Oeko-Tex certified which is a guarantee that your new clothes have been processed without harmful chemicals .

The flax plant takes around 100 days from planting to maturity, when the flowers bloom it is a spectacle that people celebrate and enjoy.

Unlike cotton, the entire plant is used including the roots, which are as deep as the plant is tall.


Carefully Packed

A beautiful parcel arrives at your door .

- wrapped in nature -


All our products will be delivered in a natural and organic bag - all other used packing material are sustainable and renewable.


Sustainable Processes

Hand made and naturally dyed from plants in Lud Valley, New Zealand.

All materials are compostable as no plastic or toxic chemicals were used.


Waste Management

The waste from every fabric used is given a second chance to be artwork or accessory


Locally Made

All products are dyed with bio regional plants and lovingly sewn by myself with extra help from Lianne and Tina who live in our valley in Nelson, New Zealand.


Only Once Items

Natural processes create unique products never to be repeated,

but I can replicate the style and colours to make another one.

The items are a bit like us, each the same but infinitely different and all beautiful.

Contact me if something is sold out and I will be happy to find a compatible solution.



Papercast Dress dipped in Indigo


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    unique items

    natural processes create unique products never to be repeated 

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