Silk Sleepover Onesie

A sleepover is your bedding all in one unit carried in small bag, making it the ideal travelling companion, always giving you the same comfort and ease in changing places and situations.

They are lightweight, maintain your body temperature, easy to wash and transform into a generous wrap.

When not on the move they can be used as a bed cover.

Be a thoughtful guest and take your own bedding to your friends and family.


  • sheets and pillowcase in one unit
  • take with you when away from home
  • fits into a small bag
  • maintains a comfortable temperature
  • use on its own when it is hot or in a sleeping bag/ under merino blanket when it is cold
  • easy to wash and dry on the move
  • use it as a wrap


Sleeping in silk 

Silk is light and smooth, it allows your body to retain moisture, reducing the chance of your skin becoming dry and itchy overnight.

Silk provides a breathable, yet insulating barrier between yourself and the surrounding temperature, which can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Silk bedding and silk pillowcases can significantly improve allergy symptoms due to hypoallergenic qualities of the material. The structure of the material means that it’s harder for dust mites to breed and for allergens to irritate.

Silk production is free of

harmful chemicals and pesticides 

This natural attribute can be compromised by colouring it with synthetic dyes, which I do not use.


An individual order for unique Items

Natural processes create unique products never to be repeated,

Each product is hand made and dyed requiring time and patience

It may take a while to produce your order - 

The items are a bit like us, each the same but infinitely different and all beautiful.

Contact me about your choice I will be happy to find a compatible solution.


Plant Dyed

Chemical free process using bio-regional sourced plants creating beautiful prints and colours directly from nature.

These sleepovers have been dyed with seasonal plants from our garden and an organic indigo vat.

You can order any of the colours you see in the pictures.




1.1 m x 1.9 m


Carefully Packed

A beautiful parcel arrives at your door .

- wrapped in nature -


All our products will be delivered in a natural and organic bag - all other used packing material are sustainable and renewable.


Sustainable Processes

Hand made and naturally dyed from plants in Lud Valley, New Zealand.

All materials are compostable as no plastic or toxic chemicals were used.


Waste Management

The waste from every fabric used is given a second chance to be artwork or accessory


Ethical Sourced Fabrics

I source fabrics that are not processed around the world and seek out second hand treasures.


Locally Made

All products are dyed with bio regional plants and lovingly sewn by myself with extra help from Lianne and Tina who live in our valley in Nelson, New Zealand.







Silk Sleepover - Single Size


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    unique items

    natural processes create unique products never to be repeated 

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