handwoven linen wrap naturally dyed with madder


'once I was a field of blue flowers'

linen, the fabric of the past, present and future

'as one of the oldest and most-used textiles in the world, linen is the ultimate natural fibre with both functional and ethical appeal. It not only keeps you cool on the hottest of summer days, but it is also one of the most environmentally sustainable fibres to produce.'

the plant takes around 100 days from planting to maturity,

when the blue flowers bloom it is a stunning spectacle that lasts for only a day.

'like us linen gets softer and more beautiful with age'

natural processes create unique products never to be repeated

sustainable processes - ethically sourced fabrics

naturally dyed in Lud Valley, New Zealand.

all materials are compostable, no plastic or toxic chemicals were used.

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