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about travelling lite

about our place
and mission

circular economy in lud valley, nz
travelling lite was created to provide
products for everyday and travel use
each product needed to have
more than one function
be lightweight and fold up small
provide comfort using fabrics that
maintain body temperature
easy to maintain
made with sustainable natural fabrics
dyed using natural dyes & processes
manage waste using a circular economy

judy keylock
the artist behind travelling lite
laying out the leaves
the fabric contains protein that the leaves will print on
unraveling fabric & leaves
after dying the fabric it's time to see the results
our lud valley home
i live on a lifestyle property in a beautiful adobe
brick house with my husband michael, our cat
kitty, and our two dogs george & ronnie
my daughter chloe, her partner faz and their
2 cats maya & fig live opposite us in a wooden building with a grass roof
katherine, my 97 year old mother, has her own wooden house next to us
guests stay in a small self contained sleep-out
in between properties
the property is my work place and the perfect
venue for hosting and running workshops

we do permaculture
michael has created a thriving garden using the principles of permaculture
he grows all our vegetables and always makes sure we have greens all year long
we have a food forest, and are in the process of making a large green house and pond
i have started to grow a selection of dye plants including indigo, weld, madder and flowers

food forest catering
my daughter chloe's catering business specialises in gluten-free, organic and vegan food using produce from her garden and sourcing local products
to learn more visit her instagram
volunteer work
what do our wwoofers do?
we have been welcoming wwoofers in our home since 2005
for more information, visit
collecting and laying out wood
the wood is from our eucalyptus trees
harvesting elderflowers
planting, sowing, weeding, you name it
making compost
we use a hot composting system
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